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690nm Red Laser Diode Modules

Output Power @ 25
Transverse mode
Near TE00
Operating Mode
Power Stability after warm-up
<1%, <3%, <5% (over 2/4/8 hours)
Warm-up time
<5 minutes
Beam divergence (1/e2, Full Angle)
Beam diameter at the aperture
M2 factor <20
Point stability after warm-up <0.05mrad
Spectral linewidth (nm) <1.5
Polarization ratio >50:1
Operating temperature 10-35
Dimensions of Laser head 127 x 36 x 40mm
Power Supply
Dimensions of Power Supply
103 x 76 x 35mm
TTL Modulation or Analog Modulation
Expect life time
10000 hours
Warranty time
1 year

1. Built in: Input voltage reverse protected & transient protected circuit. Automatic power control circuit with constant output power.
2. Stable appearance size with black coating & low heat consumption.
3. Good design of anti-vibration, easily adapted to your applications

Other styles (line output, cross output and laser diode) and custom designs available. Call to discuss your needs

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